5 Main Benefits Of Renting A House

It is undeniable that buying a house is a much better deal than renting a house. Nevertheless, owning a house can be a huge investment for some people. Most of the people nowadays are opting to rent a house, apartment or room simply because they cannot afford to buy their own house. Surprisingly, there are many benefits of renting a house. Some benefits of renting can be found below.

1. Quick, easy and simple

Renting a house is rather easy as compared to buying a house which is a much complicated process. All you need to do is search for a house or room which is located at the area you want to live, contact the owner to have a look at the house and if you are satisfied with it, you can negotiate with the owner to have a more reasonable rental before signing your tenancy agreement. In fact, many of the owners are having verbal rental agreement with their tenants in order to save time and effort. So, just bring your luggage and stay as most houses or rooms for rent nowadays will be fully furnished to make it more attractive and convenient for the people. In contrast, buying a house is a more complex and stressful task where you need to get a mortgage loan in the first place in order to buy the house. This very first basic step is time-consuming and you will definitely struggle with headache in order to get the best possible loan rate available in the market as well as get your home loan approved. Additionally, not to miss out the upcoming tasks once you have purchased your house such as house inspection and the purchase of furniture.

2. No big capital outlay required

The landlord of the house normally request 2 months rental deposit and 1 month utility deposit before signing the agreement. This amount is relatively small, compared to the initial capital required in buying a house. When you buy a house, you will need to pay down payment. The down payment is generally 20 to 30 percent of the property sale prices. Besides, some real estate sales require the buyers to pay earnest money to show that they are really serious about the transaction. Additionally, a home buyer must prepare sufficient money to pay closing cost which is an expenses incurred by buyers and sellers in finalizing the contract such as document preparation fees, credit report fees, property survey, title insurance and so on.

3. Zero maintenance costs

It is your landlord responsibility to repair anything that breaks or spoiled in the house. There will be no burden of the repair and maintenance costs on you. This is completely different with owning a house where you need to spend your own money in repairing the heater, refrigerator or television if they are not working.

4. Greater flexibility