Buying Vs Renting a House

Buying or Renting a house depends upon the personal opinion and financial status of each and every individual. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of Buying and Renting a House:

Buying a House:


Buying a house increases your asset.

Houses have a guaranteed appreciation over a period of time.

You don't have to pay monthly rentals.

Buying a house gives you a sense of ownership. Once you pay the loans taken on the house, you own the house.

You can decorate your house in the way you like without getting any permission from others.


You are responsible for all the maintenance that has to be taken care of.

You have to think a lot before relocating to another place.

You have to pay the property taxes.

You have to pay the Stamp duty, broker's fee, insurance costs, society charges, registration fees etc.

Banks never finance your entire home loan. They may take care of 80-90% of your home loan requirement and the remaining amount is to be paid by you.

Renting a House:


Maintenance of the House is taken care of by the landlord.

You don't have to pay property tax for the house.