Charlotte Real Estate - How to Sell Your House Without a Realtor During These Tough Times

The sub-prime market and other economical factors have affected Charlotte housing market as well. Homeowners see longer days on the market when their home is listed with a real estate. Some people can sit on their home and wait for the market to correct itself, but for most owners that need to sell their home, they need to sale now. In the current market there are less and less home owners that have the type of equity to sale their house through a Realtor, especially with the fees and commissions they charge. Face it, in today's' market, even listing your house with a real estate agent doesn't guarantee that your property is going to sale.

You will notice a few different ways that will help you sell your house faster "For Sale by Owner" than you can with a licensed Realtor. What you will take is how you can make a few calls and complete the same task that your local agent wants to charge you 6% of your property for these simple little duties. If you want to sale your house and save the realtor commissions then grab a cup of coffee because you are about to learn a complex concept within a few paragraphs. You might have to bend a little to sale your house but if you really want out these techniques are really going to help you out.

First you want to determine exactly how much you owe on your home. If you don't know what you owe, then you can't calculate whether or not it is feasible to sell now or not. You might be thinking right now that, "i know that, i don't want to waste my time if this article is going to be things that i already know". Just hang on because it gets better. When determining how much you owe, doesn't mean what your bill says you owe. Your bill is prorated for that particular month, so you want to order a "pay off" from your lender. This will get you the actual bottom line required to pay off your lender.

Next you want to calculate your portion of the property taxes so you won't be surprised at closing. You would not believe how many home owners forget about their property taxes until closing. Your taxes could be the difference in you leaving with cash to breaking even at the close.