How Much Trust Do You Place In Your Real Estate Agent

You are actively looking to buy a property. You have identified an area that will be suitable for you and your family for many years to come. You have the financial situation well in hand. Your budget for purchasing the property and a certain amount of renovating is there.

You need a good agent, who will make your dream house come true for you.

Where to find such a bird?

It is not the quantity that is lacking. The number of agents active and licensed has more than doubled during the last five years. Of course, the economic boom and the construction of thousands of units coupled with the great mobility of our citizens have permitted the real estate industry to grow beyond anyone's imagination.

But all agents are not the same, like no two dentists work in the same manner. This is not to say that agents should be compared to dentists. No, real estate agents are not as appreciated as a group by the public and barely claw up the scale value a little bit above politicians and used-car salesmen.

It is thus imperative that you take your time before choosing an agent.

One way to start is to go into a neighborhood that could be attractive to you and search for 'sold' signs on the type of properties that would seem desirable to you. Call the agent that had the listing and ask him if he has other similar properties in this sector of town.