How to Choose a Good Real Estate Agency

We all definitely need a place where feel happy living in, this has been part of our deep rooted nature over the centuries. There is a time where we look forward to buying a wonderful property for that important thing; searching real estate properties is what we have taken into account when buying that precious and magnanimous house, villa, beach front villa, that nice apartment, condo, lands for investing, etc.

There are lots of real estate agencies around the world, lots of properties that are waiting for the right seller, among all those properties there is one for that one who needs it, if he or she is constant enough she or he will find it. Dominican Republic for example, as a paradisiacal spot where every body wants to live in, what Dominican Republic has that everybody wants to come in? Will it be the sun, the beaches, and the blue and pretty sky, that nice people always ready to help or to give you a hand at any moment?

Because of this situation the Dominican Republic Real Estate emerging market has become so important for investors, sellers, buyers, agents around the world in the last few years. Main purpose of this article is to share with you things to remember when choosing the best real estate agency in the Dominican Republic. As I mentioned there are lots of real estate agencies but there are also lots of disappointed buyers, sellers or investors, this is because many of those companies are ignorant of what people is, they see them as dollar sign not as what they really are: Human Beings, this is the first thing you must take into account when dealing with a real estate agency. Among others these are other parameters you must not forget when coming here:

Main thing is Customer Service. How is customer service relationship? This is related to what we mentioned above. Remember: People first before profit!

Does that Real Estate Agency go further? It is just to sell and once you buy it they forget you? You must use your intuition when visiting that real estate agency!

Do they do an in-depth research or profound investigation of each property? Can you feel it when talking to their agents? Do they master what they are saying?

Do they have a huge list of properties around the country? Check their websites if they have as many properties as you need as options and choices.

Cutting edge technology? You must see how up to date they are, what technology systems they have or use? Etc

In house architecture team, that is for planning, designing, building, developing, etc, most of the time it is cheaper to have them inside the real estate agency than hiring one externally. This can help you a lot and save lots of money for your pockets!

The languages they speak. How many languages do they use? Just a 1 or 2 speak 25 languages around the Dominican Republic, others speak a broken English and sometimes you must gesticulate to understand, that is very important when choosing one.

The time that real estate agency has in the country.

Time of experience. Expertise of their managers, agents and people involved in it.

The connection their agents have around the country, who are their connections? Do they know each area of the country, cities etc?

Do they have an added value to any transaction? That is long term assistance, guarantees such as legal, etc? Are they friendly? Do they pressure clients once they signed the contract, look as much informations as you can when possible by looking for references on past clients.

Do they have international partners around the world?

Legal advice and counseling. Do they offer this service? Are they up to date with actual legal regulations? Do their properties follow its regulations?

Do their offices are huge or do they have the largest square meter area than any other real estate office that is in the operational way.