How to Choose a Literary Agent

Do you want to choose a literary agent to publish your writings? If yes, then you need to be extra careful while selecting one. Literary agent would market your writing, deal with publishers and also keep a track of all the rights you possess for that published material. If we have been talking of things in the past then there was no need for literary agents as there were very limited number of writers and publication houses but in the current scenario every publishing house wants some agent to be involved who would filter the good and bad material.

Moreover, if your published material becomes popular then your literary agent would play a major role in managing and keeping track or your earnings. He or she would also look for your rights and create your contract in a way that is more beneficial for you.

I would always suggest you to do proper research and evaluate your literary agent on the basis of his or her rating online on publisher websites or in various publishing magazines. It is always beneficial to query these literary agents about their work experience and list of publishing houses they deal with. Evaluate the strength and weaknesses of various agents. You should also talk to him or her about the list of clients he or she already works for. You may contact these clients as they would provide you reliable feedback about his or her work. Do remember to query your literary agent about his fee, charges for inland or foreign sales to avoid any problems in the future.