Making an Open House Succeed - The Pointers to Consider

Experts and real estate agents alike unanimously say that open houses are not as effective as they were before. This is acceptable and believable, considering the advent of the Internet. Open houses also require a lot of effort-and most of the time, the effort is not rewarded directly or instantly. Many agents prefer to concentrate on their real estate marketing campaign online and elsewhere. Indeed, they can change all that energy, time, and money anywhere else other than in open houses.

And yet, some realtors still do open houses. They may do it for a number of reasons-because the seller wants to, because they want a list of potential clients-but the point is, the practice isn't completely dead. And open houses can still be successful too, especially if one consider a number of pointers and tricks. Here are some of them:

Consider date and location: If the agent is forced by the seller to do an open house, he has to first consider the location of the property for sale. As a general rule, a property that is easily accessible (near the main road, not hidden in some secluded community) generates the most traffic. This has to be considered because it will ultimately dictate the outcome of the open houses. When the open house has been decided, considering the date of the event is also crucial. Try to pick a day that is perfect for a open house-a bright, sunny day, preferably on a weekend. As a general rule, open houses are fine, but the real estate agent has to choose the property carefully.

Consider giveaways: Many real estate agents frown on this practice, but it is worth a shot-give prizes or promise to have a draw for attendees later on during the open house. It will not surprisingly attract people who have no interest in buying the property, but it will also generate more interest for the event, making the chance of finding a client higher.

Welcome the visitors: Welcoming your visitors work for two reasons: it creates an instant connection between you and everyone in the open house, and it prevents unwelcome visitors. The latter one is for safety; the former pointer is for the success of the open house (or for increasing your list of potential client's).

Prepare the house: A lot of expert sellers and experienced buyers say people can easily see if a house is too prepared for an open house or a visit from a potential buyer. Nonetheless, preparing the show for viewing is essential. You want the house to be presented at its best shape. Clean the windows, remove any clutter, do a paint job if necessary, among others. During the open house, turn on all the lights to make the house more inviting and play some soothing music.