Renting a Flat in Bromley

Flat rental demand in Bromley has remained steady through turbulent times with many industry voices attributing this to a combination of local amenities, the quantity of designated conservation areas and the all-encompassing rental pricing model adopted within Bromley.

Typical prices offered by landlords for flats to rent in Bromley range from £500 p.m. for your typical studio flat with an approximate incremental increase of around 40% for 1 bedroom flats with a similar rise to 2 bedroom flats. It is not uncommon to see 3 bedroom flats peaking between rental prices of £1200 - £1500.

The attraction of Bromley's conservation areas fall into two categories; special architecture specific to Bromley and areas of historical interest. To date there are 44 designated conservation areas in Bromley.

If you are considering renting for the first time there may well be more things to consider than you might at first think.

Without doubt, the single most important criterion is financial; how much rent do you need to pay, do you need to pay for contents insurance, are all existing bills included in the basic rent, do you have to supply the landlord with a deposit, can you afford to cover all the rent specific items as well as social and domestic costs which you may at present take for granted? If you have any friends or family who either currently rent or have previously rented property ask them for tips and information - you cannot beat first-hand experience from someone who has, or is in the position you are in right now.

You don't just have to worry about your end of the deal either; you will want to make a thorough assessment of the inside of the property, the outside of the property as well as a number of more generic considerations.

When considering the property exterior ask yourself this:

Are there any noticeable flaws on the property exterior? Have a good look around before singing anything or paying any deposit. If there are any areas of the property (for example access to the garden) that you are not given access to when being shown around ensure that you fully review these areas prior to making any commitments.

Remember, it is not only the flat that you are moving into, but the area as well. Become familiar with the immediate location; spend some time in the area at various times of the day and days of the week (especially at peak times of the day and peak social times in the evening). If you have any initial concerns complete as much research as possible (both online and offline).